Three suggestions for your reading/listening lists:

  1. Earlier this summer, many of us at the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast contributed suggestions for ‘pre-law reading’. We interpreted reading as broadly as we could; my recommendation was the podcast Switched On Pop. All of our recommendations, with short videos explaining why we nominated the materials in question, are available here.
  2. Prof. Fiona de Londras (Birmingham) curates a list of ‘books by women to read before starting law school‘ (ten for starters, with further recommendations in the comments).
  3. Kayleigh Ziolo (Obelisk) offers a list of ‘the 15 best legal podcasts‘ with a nice global range – though this is also a good opportunity to plug the even newer podcast from Hilary Young, Robert Danay and Oliver Pulleyblank, ‘Stereo Decisis‘.

[Image: Internet Archive Book Images]