Ten years!

This is a post made out of notes on the first ten years of this blog (2006-2016). Most of the activity was during that first half. I’m posting it now as part of the site reboot.

Some things of interest…to me, at least:

  • In that first period, the number of visits per year was consistently above 1,000 per month. Since then, it has been a good deal lower – although 2015′ total of 6,705 was the first increase in many years .
  • The most read post remains FOI and Universities from January 2009. But, the overwhelming majority (1500) of hits came on that day (via Ben Goldacre / Bad Science).
  • I joined Twitter myself in 2009. That was probably the beginning of the end of regular blogging.
  • But, many recent visits come via Twitter. (Oh, Google Reader, how you are missed).
  • The most read post in 2015 was an old one – July 2009, on data retention. The search-juice title (Data Retention Ireland – actually a play on the initials of Digital Rights Ireland, discussed in the post) is probably a factor. The other popular posts were newly posted within that period –  Computers and the Coalition – a speech at the launch of the Information Law and Policy Centre), and a note in memory of Greg Lastowka. (Sadly, not the first time I have used the blog to note the early passing of friends and colleague – e.g. Liss Jeffrey, Peter Fitzgerald).
  • In terms of popular outbound links, we see UEA (my employer from 2008-2012) and cearta.ie (who supervised my PhD, 2006-2009) in particular.
  • Update: I hardly posted at all in 2016 itself: just a handful of posts at the beginning of the year, with the old data retention stuff still being popular in terms of hits.

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