This is a post made out of notes on the first ten years of this blog (2006-2016). Most of the activity was during that first half (and the image is from 2007). I’m posting it now as part of the site reboot.

Some things of interest…to me, at least:

  • In that first period, the number of visits per year was consistently above 1,000 per month. Since then, it has been a good deal lower – although 2015′ total of 6,705 was the first increase in many years .
  • The most read post remains FOI and Universities from January 2009. But, the overwhelming majority (1500) of hits came on that day (via Ben Goldacre / Bad Science).
  • I joined Twitter myself in 2009. That was probably the beginning of the end of regular blogging.
  • But, many recent visits come via Twitter. (Oh, Google Reader, how you are missed).
  • The most read post in 2015 was an old one – July 2009, on data retention. The search-juice title (Data Retention Ireland – actually a play on the initials of Digital Rights Ireland, discussed in the post) is probably a factor. The other popular posts were newly posted within that period –  Computers and the Coalition – a speech at the launch of the Information Law and Policy Centre), and a note in memory of Greg Lastowka. (Sadly, not the first time I have used the blog to note the early passing of friends and colleague – e.g. Liss Jeffrey, Peter Fitzgerald).
  • In terms of popular outbound links, we see UEA (my employer from 2008-2012) and (who supervised my PhD, 2006-2009) in particular.
  • Update: I hardly posted at all in 2016 itself: just a handful of posts at the beginning of the year, with the old data retention stuff still being popular in terms of hits.