This year, I am changing how I collate and share links to stories, academic work, cases and other materials relating to Internet and media law.  Over the past couple of years (with frequent gaps!) I have been using Twitter for this purpose, and indeed encouraging students and other interested parties to follow me on Twitter.  However, in reviewing the time and quality of how I use my time in front of a computer (or tapping on a smartphone), I’m going to post a weekly list of links of interest.  Effective use of Twitter requires a type of engagement that doesn’t work for me at the moment.  I’m aware that the links might not provide information on breaking news, but I hope what is lost on that front might be gained through a more consistent approach than I’ve been able to do in recent months.  (For those interested, I’m also shifting my reading habits back towards RSS as the primary platform for daily reading).  Party like it’s 2006.

I will set my Twitter account to post the link to each blog post (whether it be the weekly digest or regular posts).  However, I’d also encourage you, if you wish, to subscribe to the RSS feed, or to opt in to receiving posts by email by signing up (there is a box for this purpose in the right sidebar).

The best way to contact me is by email. How old-fashioned.

Finally, because WordPress provides it, some information on 2012 blog posts.  (It was, like most of my post-PhD years, a quiet year on the blogging front – only 25 posts!).  9200 views in total, with about 28% from the UK, 18% from Ireland, and 9% from the US.  Canada and Australia are also highly ranked.  The most popular posts were those on changes to copyright law in Ireland (e.g. this one), on the Tamiz decision, and an old post (search-engine friendly, and with a linked full-text PDF) on one of my articles on law and video games.