I’m pleased to be involved in (and unashamedly plugging) this summer’s conference (6th-8th June 2012) at the University of Edinburgh, marking ten years of the research centre SCRIPT.  It’s called the SCRIPT Conference, has a theme of ‘Law and Transformation’, and lives on the web at the surprising web address of http://www.scriptconference.org/.

Day one is all about early career researchers, across the fields of IT, IP and medical law.  It’s a chance to present, under the watchful eye of experts (well, some experts, and me).  If you’d like to learn more about this, and apply to present, please do so ASAP: all the information is here.

Day two is about ‘trust’.  And a dinner, with a ceilidh. (‘Trust’ = ‘tell me, is ceilidh dancing safe?’) Onora O’Neill is giving a keynote lecture (if, like me, you are still impressed by her Reith lectures, also ten years old this year, this is particularly promising). There will be panel sessions, addressing questions like “computing, clouds and the regulation of next century’s technologies; legal and ethical implications of autonomous technologies”. An ‘unconference’ will also take place; your position papers are welcome, by 11th May – information here.

Day three is about ‘openness’.  Topics on the panel sessions include access to medical information, the law and policy of net neutrality, and copyright, technology & culture.  And then we emerge, after a postscript (see what they did there?) into the Edinburgh sunshine.

More information at http://www.scriptconference.org.