As promised, here are the slides from two recent game-related talks:

(1) The medium is still the message: Angry Birds, the Met Opera and broadband bills (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 25 March 2011). This was a public lecture as part of an event for the university’s LLM in Internet Law, at the invitation of Prof. Lilian Edwards. Download slides as PDF.

(2) Regulation of virtual worlds (Rutgers University, New Jersey, 9 April 2011). This was as a member of a panel chaired by Prof. Greg Lastowka of Rutgers at the inaugural The Game Behind The Video Game conference. (More on the conference in due course – I have notes). Download slides as PDF.

[And yes, I appreciate that my slides make little sense without the talk. You’ll have to wait for the papers to discover. Or just make up your own arguments.]


One thought on “Slides!

  1. Excellent stuff – you’re still in NYC? I travel down there this weekend. Incidentally, our (RAND) Contribution to the Impact Assessment (AVMS) for the EC did warn them in 2005 about impacts in videogames as well as mobile – at p25 I wrote: “Consumers are now accessing content in more interactive and varied forms, whether
    o via television (using PVRs, digital television, subscription and pay-TV services),
    o via broadband Internet (streaming, on-demand and other types of video including interactive games), and
    o via mobile (where 3G networks now regularly offer a menu of streamed broadcasting as well as on-demand content).
    It may be appropriate to adopt a graduated approach according to the degree of choice and the legitimate expectation of the user, rather then regulate all audiovisual content in the same way.” They were forewarned…

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