Many years ago, in the days of dial-up, I used to use software like PointCast (remember it?) to download newspaper stories for offline reading.  This was about 12-13 years ago, certainly before the widespread availability of RSS.  And soon after RSS came on the scene, I was subscribing to various feeds, briefly through browser/email addons but swiftly moved to Google Reader.  However, a few weeks ago, I went back to the future, with NetNewsWire for the Mac (albeit synchronised with Google Reader).  I don’t always have my laptop with me – but I’ve tried to get into the habit of going through a lot of subscriptions at once, rather than checking on a very frequent basis (not that I have time for that some weeks anyway) – and anyway the synchronising keeps things fairly well integrated.

All this is by way of an introduction to a handful of recommendations – mostly blogs that I haven’t mentioned before, or are new to me or to the Web.  I subscribe to a lot of feeds – probably too many – although not all are related to the interests of this blog and the accompanying Twitter feed (see, I’ve mentioned T*****r in three consecutive posts!).  I also subscribe to various general and public law blogs, and to other blogs that have little or nothing to do with my day job (mostly books, music and baseball – a heady mix).  The blogroll on this site is out of date, and I don’t plan on integrating my feeds into this site, but I will share some suggestions.  I should also highlight the useful aggregation of all media-related blog posts and news stories from the Guardian, found at  Links below are to homepages rather than RSS feeds.

At last…the 1709 copyright blog.  A spinoff of the prolific IPKat blog, but dealing with copyright in much more detail.

Panopticon.  This blog is about ‘information law’ – mostly data protection and FOI.  It’s written by barristers at 11 King’s Bench Walk (11KBW).

Internet Co-Regulation.  Another spinoff – this time, Chris Marsden’s documentation of his next book on this very topic.

The Symbiotic Web Blog.  This is presented by Paul Bernal – PhD candidate at LSE, who I met at BILETA in March 2010.  He’s only getting started in the blogging world, but his posts about privacy in particular are very interesting.

GamePolitics News.  Actually a lot of law here too, and links to related academic work.  Very frequent (so I tend to skim and look for particular stories), but if you’re doing work in this area, it’s a great jumping-off point.

BBC College of Journalism Blog. Some of this is primarily of interest to an internal BBC audience, but journalism students in particular will appreciate it.

Grant Goddard.  A blog about the radio industry in the UK, with lots of unique content based on ratings and Ofcom materials.  Tends to have a post or two a week, but with a lot of detail.

And finally, as I mentioned it earlier…Inforrm – the International Forum for Responsible Media.  Very quickly, a big player in the world of media law blogs.  Has a particular strength in providing access to documents not otherwise available, and also publishes regular roundups of everything that’s going on in the UK and elsewhere.  I’ll say more about Inforrm in a post about libel law reform in the near future…