Twitter April/May 2010

I post links to interesting articles, documents and the like on my Twitter feed, @macsithigh. It’s also a bit erratic (i.e. I don’t post every day or cover relevant topics with any consistency), but here are some selected links from April/May 2010:

  • Competition Commission’s report on ITV advertising
  • What are Jeremy Hunt’s priorities as the new culture secretary?
  • Constructing Commons: important new article and responses from 3 US scholars now available
  • Here comes the inevitable case against Sony for messing with PS3s to prevent bad wicked Linux
  • More AdWords cases – US 4th circuit, Rosetta Stone case via @ipkat
  • Congrats to UEA colleague Brett Mills on work re ethics of animal documentaries e.g. from @uea_news;  journal
  • RT @tjmcintyre Council proposals for EU Cybercrime investigation unit and revocation of domain names:
  • Second thoughtful-nostalgia link: newspapers and early radio
  • CFP on ‘social media, dissent & political action’ from The Communication Review,’Twitter Revolutions?’ Deadline 1/June/10
  • RT @NickAnstead Uni. of Chicago study suggests that internet is not balkanised after all:
  • Brave response of Can. culture minister to art panic: “From what I know & have seen,I have no interest in seeing this exhibition personally”
  • Fun times ahead – SCOTUS to have a shot at figuring out the first sale doctine, an appeal from 2008 Omega v Costco
  • Interesting article on ‘video pollution’ in the new First Monday:
  • Best description of the Twitter advertising plan I’ve seen yet – worth reading. From @EpicenterBlog
  • Another top-class graphic from @infobeautiful – this one on how much music artists earn online
  • Spmething interesting happening with this freelance contract – indemnities and the like – will watch it
  • A particularly good episode of #radio4 Click On today (online soon at – open data, Aus filter & more
  • Apparently the ‘fourth screen’ is where it’s at: screens on the treadmill and in the lift. Hmm.
  • Radio DJ follows traffic report re threat to jump from bridge w/ bouncycastle jokes & Van Halen ‘Jump’.Ofcom not amused.
  • RT @ChrisTMarsden From Brussels with hate, compulsory web filters #debill #deact
  • Carys Craig on ‘The Canadian Public Domain’:
  • Shetland Times lives on! Japanese newspaper requires advance application for any links to it. No right-click too. Hmm.
  • Arts and politics: BBC interviews w/ Bradshaw, Vaizey & Foster on Radio 3 (!) tomorrow afternoon. Info & send your Qs at

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