From the New York Times, a review of a documentary film about the televisual and political world of Silvio Berlusconi, Videocracy (dir: Erik Gandini):

Though Mr. Berlusconi himself — the man, oligarch, tabloid personality and plastic surgery victim — has undeniable entertainment value, Mr. Gandini is more interested in what might be termed the Berlusconi effect. What he’s after is Mr. Berlusconi’s impact on Italian culture, specifically those for whom celebrity is power. Which is why, by accident or design, “Videocracy” ends up holding a mirror to the larger world.

I know that those who care about cartels have The Informant (or, The Informant! as it became! when it transferred! to the big screen!), but media ownership can be fun too. On the strength of the IMDB listing and the official site, it’s still early days, having been shown in Sheffield in the UK last year, and coming up soon at the Dublin International Film Festival in Ireland on 27 February (not much use to me, but I know I still have a fair share of Irish readers). Any chance of a wider release? Here’s hoping. Clips and more all found at the official site.