Midweek #1

As mentioned last week, here’s something that I may do as a regular ‘feature’. It will normally come out on a Wednesday, in honour of how for most of the students that I teach, Wednesday afternoons (being free of lectures and seminars) is where they can spend some quality time with other interests. Normally, this means sports clubs and student societies, or for some a seat at the bar. Now we who teach don’t get a corresponding afternoon – my Wednesdays are usually filled up quite quickly with meetings, training courses and research seminars, as it’s the only clear spot on staff timetables – so these will be ‘midweek’ links rather than precise Wednesday afternoons. The idea is to share a few things (no more than 10) that I have been reading that are a little bit (or a lot) off-topic; links that are relevant but don’t get a post of their own are found on my Twitter feed, and a roundup of Twitter links will also appear about once a week. (If you have a hunger for more frequent fun links, good examples include Damien Mulley’s Fluffy Links and Alexia Golez’s Red Links.

So with further adieu, this week’s links are:


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