Happy new year/decade! The various fixes and upgrades to this blog are more or less in place – one ongoing task will be to ‘tag’ all the posts, as I’ve finally given up on a dual system of categories and tags and will just use tags for everything. I will continue to blog (probably a few posts per week), with a tighter focus. I’ll be posting various quick comments on issues of Internet and media law (and related topics), as well as some ideas and early versions of academic work (and coverage of conferences and events I attend, where possible), and the occasional slightly off-piste post on teaching, research and working in a university more generally. In terms of other things, I’ll also have a weekly post on other things, but more on that next week. Thank you to those who commented on my December post and others who responded via email.

I started using Twitter early last year, and went through various phases of using and not using it. I do find it useful as a reader, although the way in which a feed can be dominated (at a random moment) by memes and major events does put me off. I never really advertised my presence, and I’m quite selective in that I block any ‘follows’ from spammers/aggregators/etc so as to preserve the ability to go ‘private’ in the future if I choose to go that way. For now, I’m going to be using it for posting links to interesting stories – again with a strong focus on Internet/media and linked into the use I make of this blog. If you’d like to see these links, then I hope you can follow @macsithigh – if it’s useful, I may post lists of links here too.

In the sidebars (particular note for those watching via RSS), you’ll find a partial blogroll (just a selection of links – I don’t intend to compile a comprehensive list), recent Twitter updates, a random selection of books from my office shelves (powered by the fabulous Librarything), and other things yet to be added.