This is it!

Or thesis, to be more accurate…

coverConvergence and the right to communicate:
assessing the application of media law to the Internet

My PhD thesis is now completed, printed, bound and ready to be submitted to Trinity College Dublin. (There will of course be a defence or viva voce examination at a date to be determined, so this is not the end of the road, but somewhere on the final furlong, to mix my metaphors). I’m very grateful to Lex Ferenda readers for comments and feedback and for tolerating so many very early drafts of what hopefully became much more polished paragraphs. I’m also very happy, after (just under) four years, to have a big brick of a thesis sitting beside me and staring back at me as if to say ‘are you happy now?’

I’m not making the full text available on the Web at this stage (although I will do so, probably through something like the open-acccess Tara project, after it has been examined). However, you can download the summary and table of contents here, and see a representation of the text in Wordle form below!


10 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. Funny how the wordle indicates ‘law’ was a common theme in your thesis. Whoulda thunk it?!

    Well done dude, you must feel so relieved. Pretty interesting topic alright, working out how to cram law into the internet tubes. Congratulations again!

    Kthxbai 😉

  2. Hey, well done! Nice wordle btw… probably shows that you’ve not overkilled any particular issue as there’s a good spread of medium sized words – especially ‘new’ which seems to feature quite highly!

  3. Many congratulations Daithi – viva will no doubt be a stroll in the park – have fun with it. You’ll rarely have another opportunity to talk in depth with people who’ve read your stuff in so much depth. And keep up the good work on here – excellent.

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve just had a decent look at the wordle, and whilst I’m not surprised by the big words, I was a little taken aback by the frequency with which you must have used “Even”. In fact, it appears with “though”, though “though” is bigger in the worlde and thus more frequent. If I’d spotted that overuse, I would have objected. Even though it doesn’t seem to have done you any harm.

    But seriously, a wordle?

    But actually seriously, congratulations! Well done and well deserved.


  5. I’m very puzzled by the Wordle. I think it might have cut off before the end as there are words from the later chapters that seem to be undervalued. I might do some more work on it after the final version, just for fun. I was more surprised (and a little annoyed) by the status of ‘however’. It was my first Wordle – what a time to start, eh?

    (6 x ‘even though’, for the record!)

  6. Daithi ,

    Sorry, I haven’t been on the blog in a while. Hearty congratulations on getting you PhD submitted. I wish you well with the defence of same and am sure you’ll do very well.

    I wonder can you send me a copy of it once you are finished with the various academic validations? There are aspects of the summary and index I am interested in getting your written views on, in particular Regulation and Net Neutrality.

    I sincerely hope that you are not feeling the same gutting anti-climax I felt once I had submitted my (far less important) Masters dissertation.

    Anyway, well done.


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