I’ve been inspired by the many people who teach Internet Law (or similarly titled courses) and have made materials available to all. Some examples include Wendy Seltzer, James Grimmelmann and Eric Goldman. I hope to do the same this year, to some extent (depending on time, technology and other things) and so I’m starting things off with an overview of the module I teach at UEA, IT & Internet Law. Teaching begins next week. It’s a short enough course, with the main audience being students on the relevant LLM degrees (in Information, Technology & Intellectual Property Law or Media Law, Policy and Practice). Hopefully this works now – it’s a Keynote presentation, exported to QuickTime for public consumption….

Click to view! You’ll need to click to advance from point to point.

Flash version. Bigger file, I’m afraid, but helpful if you have problems with the .mov above. Not yet I’m afraid.