Some UEA-linked news:

Robert Heverly (profile | website), formerly of the University of East Anglia (we overlapped for a semester) is now at the Michigan State University College of Law, and has re-entered the blogging fray with a guest stint at the Faculty Lounge group blog. His first post, ‘Thinking about persistence‘, is now up. It also contains some useful comments on the difficulties of blogging while attending to various other duties – a problem that I am becoming quite familiar with. Anyway, Rob will be at the Lounge for the month of August, so check it out.

John Nelson, a graduate of the Cumberland School of Law, Sanford University (Alabama) is about to complete his studies here, on the LLM in Information, Technology & Intellectual Property Law. His article, Fibre Optic Foxes, on the problems associated with a property-based approach to transactions in virtual worlds, is shortly to be published in the Journal of Technology Law & Policy.