Oops 2.0

I don’t need an excuse for it being over a month since I last posted on this blog; it has happened before for no particular reason. Assuming anyone’s still out there, though (I think RSS means that the danger of losing eyeballs is less than it used to be, as there’s no timewasting associated with keeping up with a silent blogger), here goes.

A couple of days after my last post, the one about the Cyber Civil Rights symposium, my body had a speed-dating experience with hard tarmacadam. Or to be more direct, I was cycling from the university to my house, and was involved in a (thankfully minor) accident (mostly the fault of a thoughtless driver), meaning I sustained a little fracture in my right elbow, and was unable to write/type with the arm of which it is an integral part until quite recently. As I said, oops. Things are relatively back to normal now, though it will be a while longer before I’m cycling again. (It did give me the opportunity to get a good chance to test voice recognition on the Mac – it’s pretty good, and I might well use it to give myself a break from typing in the future).

Right now, and for the next while, I hope to be engrossed in thesis completion (it’s somewhere between the monkey on my back and the elephant in the room) and the various markings and meetings that dominate ‘exam season’. Therefore, I’m still going to be keeping this as a fairly low-traffic place, but hope you can stay subscribed (if you are) as I get things going again. I do have two posts coming up: one about postgraduate opportunities at UEA and one about my own experimentation with Twitter. Watch out for them…


3 thoughts on “Oops 2.0

  1. Wow! I can’t imagine not being able to type for a month. I hope that the experience wasn’t too painful.

    I think that you are absolutely correct about the opportunity costs involved in keeping up via RSS. I’ll still be here when the posts pick up.


  2. Daithi,

    Sorry to read that. As you doubtless already know from your RSS reader and/or Twitter, I “did” my other arm rather more comprehensively than you have done and without the consolation of another party to blame. Because I am also right-handed, it has not handicapped me quite as much, though, and I particularly sympathise given that it was your elbow, a notoriously painful location for injury.

    On the other … um … hand, *my* accident had an unpleasant…er…knock-on consequence in the cancellation of a pleasant excursion. Read about my adventures in getting my money back on my website. (I also keep Twitter – I’m known as @ubfid there – updated).

  3. Hi Daithi,

    Hope your arm has fully recovered now! sorry I haven’t been in touch – been snowed under with work and family stuff….delighted to have completed another year of teaching. You got interesting summer plans?

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