This week and next week (and even the week after that too) here at the University of East Anglia: some public lectures on British politics and the media with a great lineup of speakers. It’s all organised by the School of Political, Social and International Studies (under the UEA practice of TLAs (three-letter acronyms better known as PSI) and I hope to get to all of them, particularly this Friday’s. My fine colleagues in the School would love to see you there; I will blog as much of it as I can.

Friday March 13, 1pm, Arts 01.02

Iain Dale, political blogger and commentator, and Steve Richards, political journalist for the Independent and New StatesmanBlogs and the future of journalism

Friday March 20, 1pm, Arts 01.02

Tim Fenton, lecturer in journalism at New York University (London)I do not belieeeeve it! – the problem of trust in the media

Friday March 27, 1pm, Arts 01.02

Matt Morris, head of news at BBC Radio 5 LiveImpartiality in politics coverage