A tale of three committees

Some relevant things from parliamentary committees for your attention and/or interest are set out below. No connection between them other than in my confused mind.

An offer you can’t (or shouldn’t) refuse:

The Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Committee is issuing an open call for topics suitable for an oral evidence hearing in Westminster in April or May this year.

Cutely, you have to send a 750-word statement with your topic, suggested speakers, etc. More here at parliament.uk.

Australia’s parliament is up and running again for 2009, and the first international treaty that its Joint Standing Committee on Treaties gets to play with is the UNESCO Cultural Diversity Convention. There’s a very interesting report on Australia’s accession prepared for the committee here.

And one for the future : the (US) Senate Committee on Commerce has a new (well, restored) subcommittee, the Communications and Technology Subcommittee. Chaired by John Kerry (‘not the media’s top pick for oversight of their industry‘), and with an interesting mandate. More filled in by CQ here. Chris Marsden calls it the committee for ‘broadband, net neutrality and Fairness Doctrine‘. Bring it on…


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