Journal News

Welcome to the new Journal of Media Law (information here in PDF), publishing for the first time this year. Long overdue.

The first issues will feature articles on a wide range of topics such as: Developments in Defamation; Balancing Freedom of Expression and Privacy in the European Court of Human Rights; The Future of Public Television; Cameras in the Courtroom – Media Access to Classified Documents; Advertising Revenue v Editorial Independence; Gordon Ramsay: Obscenity Regulation Pioneer

Welcome also to the reinvigorated Computer Law & Security Review: The International Journal of Technology Law & Practice (formerly the Computer Law & Security Report) (website here). In an editorial, editor Stephen Saxby notes that the journal has been published for 25 years, and explains how the time has come to ‘quell (the) misunderstandings’ that CSLR is ‘some sort of newsletter’, and to change the ‘briefings’ section. Papers are sought on relevant topics.


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