The free media serve as a mirror in which the public can see itself sans mascara and styling gel. From us you learn the state of your nation, and especially its management by the people you elected to give your children a better future. Sometimes the image you see in that mirror is not a pleasant one. But while you may grumble in the privacy of your armchair, the journalists who hold the mirror up to you do so publicly and at great risk to themselves. That is our calling, and we do not shirk it.

And Then They Came For Me“, by Lasantha Wickrematunge (also Wickrematunga or Wickramatunga), published in the Sri Lankan Sunday Leader, the publication he edited, after his assassination on 8th January. The full editorial is a remarkable reflection on the role of the press, criticism of both politicans and public, and information about Wickrematunge’s own fears of threats to his life. Read tributes and commentary here, and information on protests and investigations here, both from the same publication.