Babel Revisited

The JCER | Journal of Contemporary European Research is pleased to announce that it has published its latest issue. This is a Special Issue on “Media and Communication in Europe: Babel Revisited” and is produced in collaboration with the UACES-funded Specialist Study Group – Media and Communication in Europe.

I played a minor role in the preparation of this issue, procuring book reviews from three smart writers, Patrick Bijsmans, Asimina Michailidou and Oisín Tobin (links are to their reviews). The journal also features a guest article on research into legitimacy and identity in the EU by Michael Bruter, and a range of articles by postgraduate scholars – I particularly enjoyed Aline Sierp’s piece on linguistic minorities and Italian media. Particular thanks go to JCER editor Eamonn Butler and to the Group coordinator and special issue editor Agnes Inge Schneeberger (Leeds).


2 thoughts on “Babel Revisited

  1. I was looking forward to reading this issue, but was surprised to see that they require readers to register before viewing what they proudly proclaim to be open access content.

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