I suppose it’s (barely) acceptable to kickstart the blogging year with a selection of reviews of the year, or those related to this blog’s topics…for reviews of the year more generally, the Guardian has published a review of reviews of the year on its newsblog.

Indeed, the Guardian is a good source for reviews of the year in media, including media gaffes, and a masterful month-by-month report. On the Organ Grinder blog, the list is open for comments too. If we take a more generous definition of review, then there’s also the guide to popular culture in 2009. To show that it’s not just the Guardian, here’s the Huffington Post’s Ten Worst Media Moments of 2008, which raises some serious questions along with the more entertaining ones.

Technology Review reviews the year in technology, with links to articles on social networking, cloud computing and more. Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC has a month-by-month on technology, here, with loads of legal issues included. The Register says it was the year of the little people, and Michael Geist again manages to get a story for each latter of the alphabet, with his A to Z of the year in Canadian technology law and policy

There’s also some lists of books that are worth looking at – Daniel Solove has a list of books about privacy, and John Bracken has crowdsourced the question (sorry) via his blog, LinkedIn profile and more, and has compiled a list of the year’s ‘most influential writing about media’ – how many of them have you read? (I’ve at least dipped into about half of them, and read in full about a third. So many books, so little time…)

That was (a very random look over) the year that was. Later in the week, the most popular posts on this blog.