As a fan of Graham Linehan‘s The IT Crowd (showing in the UK on Channel 4 and available elsewhere), I do watch it with half an eye to spotting useful representations or parodies of Internet phenomena. The ‘You Wouldn’t Steal’ insert (watch it here, and compare with the actual campaign here) is a favourite of those who present about copyright and the film industry. (Patricia Loughlan‘s EIPR piece from last year (here) has a very good analysis of the language of the anti-piracy campaign, worth reading).

Anyway, from this week’s episode (3×05), here is Friendface. Shows in 60 seconds what takes me about ten pages to write…

YouTube – The IT Crowd | PREVIEW: Friendface | Channel 4


3 thoughts on “Friendface

  1. Haha I loved the IT crowds’ anti piracy ad especially Roy going “man these anti piracy ads are getting realy mean” lol, total classic.

    Loved this one even more so true yet we all proceed to use and love these websites. None the less, a little self control and we can be picky about what these sites get to know about us, especially if using a different e-mail address.

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