Here are the other, more scattered privacy stories as promised:

  1. The Information and Privacy Commissioner in the Canadian province of Ontario, Ann Cavoukian, is organising the ‘Privacy By Design Challenge‘, a workshop and presentations on how technology can be used, and in particular designed, to promote personal privacy. The fact that this event is organised by a statutory privacy commissioner is still quite remarkable (and welcome) and I look forward to finding out how it goes. Spotted via Mediacaster.
  2. Another Canadian one: the 2007 and 2008 report of the federal Privacy Commissioner has been published: get it here
  3. The Bar Council gets visited by some tea-leafs, who run away with the contact details of all of the barristers in England and Wales, and more besides (BBC News)
  4. In related news, the Open Rights Group has a new tool to find out if your data has been disclosed, Who’s Been Losing Your Data? Nice.
  5. And finally, unlucky for lawyers: Law firms are expected to register as data controllers in the UK – if not, like these three firms, they may end up paying a fine, and more importantly, probably never get a privacy case again…