A late entry for the award for Silliest Broadcasting Complaint Of The Year (a prestigious competition that I have just made up) is this:

John Barrowman apologises for exposing himself on BBC Radio 1

Yup, that’s right. (Alleged) radio nudity is apparently something we have to be worried about. The exchange was quite traumatic, so do look away now if you are the sensitive type. Apparently the presenters (on BBC Radio 1, late on Sunday evening) laughed and giggled when he said “I’m going to get it out”. I don’t know how the complainant was able to pick himself or herself off the floor, but indeed they did, and managed to let the BBC know. The BBC, as well as the unfortunate aural Chippendale, are falling over themselves to apologise.

In terms of the use of the vast potential of radio, it’s nothing compared to the Irish tradition of live Irish dancing on the radio, and in terms of naughty things in studios, it’s nothing on the 1971 KSAN Margo St. James ‘incident‘ (catalogued in Peter Laufer’s detailed history of talk radio), but this is clearly a Very Serious Issue that the BBC must deal with. Or perhaps not.

Edit: I had this post in draft, and now find (also via the Guardian) this erudite response from John Plunkett.