Sir Hugh Laddie, former judge, professor at UCL, midwife to the Anton Piller order, author of the seminal article “Copyright, Over-Strength, Over-Regulated, Over-Rated” and all-round IP expert, died this weekend. Tributes and memories from David Vaver, William Patry, Kim Weatherall and Jeremy Phillips. UCL has a tributes page with some remarkable contributions. He was truly a giant of IP law here in the UK and indeed elsewhere.

Ted Rogers, broadcasting industry veteran, died today. Although I never met him, various different aspects of my professional and personal lives have been influenced by him in odd ways – my first step into communications law was a fellowship sponsored by him (named after his stepfather, John Graham), various bits of research have been about one or the other of his media and communications businesses (which have featured some great innovations and some famous screwups) – and of course, Rogers also owns the Toronto Blue Jays, the baseball team I follow far too closely. News report, Globe & Mail obit, baseball response, business response. Books by Caroline Van Hasselt and Gordon Pitts deal with Rogers’ career and the history of Rogers Communications, and Rogers himself authored an autobiography published this year, which I haven’t read.