The Open Rights Group (ORG) needs you. ORG is an extremely impressive British-based NGO that punches above its weight and is at an important moment in its development now, and I’m writing this post to encourage you to get involved.

In just three short years ORG has effected real policy change on a number of issues, from copyright reform to e-voting. But threats to our liberties are not subsiding, they are increasing, from unchecked snooping by advertisers and bureaucrats to the entertainment industry’s war on online freedoms. From July to December this year, we are working to double the amount of financial support we receive from individuals so ORG is ready and able to meet these threats.

Although I’ve known some of the people involved in ORG throughout my doctoral studies (and even had the pleasure of attending a reception the group hosted in its early days up in Edinburgh, September 2006 I think), I hadn’t joined – I kept an eye on things through the mailing list and occasionally joined in a campaign. (I was a member of Digital Rights Ireland though). Now, having moved to the UK, I’m delighted to be joining ORG and offering my support. I strongly recommend that you do so too, starting with one of the steps below.

  • Join and support ORG. During the ORG-GRO campaign, the intention is to increase the membership base and raise 1,500 x £5 monthly subscriptions. There’s even a league table for current members who bring their friends into the organisation. Which is an excellent idea. But if you’re reading this, whether you’re a friend or a foe, please follow the link and consider getting involved. If you do so before the end of October, the interim target of 1,000 can be hit. Your Internet needs you.
  • Director Becky Hogge is moving on and applications are sought for this position.
  • Read the September 2008 update
  • Apply to join the ORG Board, particularly if you have experience of chairing or fundraising, though all applications are welcome
  • Join the discussion list and contribute your knowledge and expertise to various campaigns.
  • See that widget in the sidebar? Add it to your blog or website now. Or there’ll be trouble.