The Canadian federal election has really been overshadowed by the US campaigns – with the English-language debate between party leaders even taking place on the same night as the very much anticipated Biden vs Palin showdown. However, on election day, here is a particularly enjoyable web-video on one particular aspect of the campaign that – to the surprise of some – became quite a totemic issue, that of the future of the (comparatively generous) systems for supporting Canadian cultural and media industries. (I touched on this in a recent conference paper and wish that I’d had the video for that presentation – oh well – next time).

The video is not in support of nor commissioned a particular party although clearly it is an attack on the (Conservative) government’s well-known criticisms of State funding for the arts, and it is particularly targeted at Francophone audiences, though is certainly of broader interest.

You can also watch it without the subtitles or in (eight-minute!) long form.