Two specialist societies for legal studies in Ireland have recently been established – it’s quite hard to get something like this off the ground in a small jurisdiction with a handful of law schools, so if you’re involved in research in any of these fields, please do get involved.

The Irish Jurisprudence Society is about to start its second year of activities. The IJS, founded last summer, has already organised a programme of workshops in Dublin, and in the forthcoming academic year, will hold a symposium, continue the workshops, and much more. Students will be particularly interested to know that a treasure trove of 500 one-euro coins awaits the winner of the inaugural undergraduate essay prize; closing date 30.11.2008. (Disclosure: I have helped the organisers to get the website and discussion group off the ground – but they are doing all the work).

Secondly, the first conference and AGM of the Irish Society of Comparative Law has been announced for 27th/28th February 2009, at the University of Limerick. Abstracts are welcome (by 24.10.2008 – further information from Seán Donlan.

Of course, existing societies like the Irish Society of International Law continue to be active; if you’re involved in a new, existing or proposed society, please feel free to plug it here. There will of course be an Irish contingent at the Society of Legal Scholars annual conference in London next month (in fact, last year there was even a Facebook for the “Irish contingent”, though not many actually made it to the conference!)