I have (again) been neglecting Lex Ferenda, but the excuse is marginally better this time. See, I have been in the process of moving, rearranging, settling in and so on (and that’s without getting into the saga of the broadband provider that seems to do everything other than provide broadband). But here I am, mostly intact.

This summer, I have moved to Norwich, which is a small(ish) city in the east of England (tourist site, Wiki page, map), to take up a full-time lecturing position (here’s my page) at the University of East Anglia (UEA). I’m very excited about this new role in the Law School, and – given that I will continue to have an interest in media and Internet law through teaching and research – hope to continue this blog in some form. Over the next few weeks, I may be doing a good deal of rearranging, perhaps splitting the site into two, one more focused ‘work’ blog and one for the rest of the ramblings. For now, things may be pretty quiet, although I can’t miss recording the publication of my article, “The Mass Age of Internet Law” in the latest issue of Information and Communications Technology Law (ICTL); unfortunately it’s behind a paywall, but once I get things sorted on the site, I’ll make some version of it available through self-archiving.