Late to the plate on this one, too. Still plenty of time to submit what you’ve got, though. GIKIII takes place at the Oxford Internet Institute on September 24/25 – be there or be an equiangular equilateral convex polygon.

All the info is here. Not sure if I’ll be there this year, though I’ve been to the first two (here’s the 2007 report) and very much recommend that you go.

Our esteemed organisers say:

GikIII, a two day workshop on the intersections between law, technology and popular culture, will be held on September 24-25, 2008 in Oxford, England. GikII is so cutting edge that it is the nano-blade of workshops, so expect all sorts of challenging papers, tenuous legal connections, l33t powerpoint and keynote skillz, uber-geekery, and a healthy dose of lolcatz. Previous GikIIs explored Facebook privacy settings before privacy had become fashionable again, and looked at the pressing legal issues in subjects as varied as Harry Potter, killer robots, anime, fandom, virtual property and tattoos. All papers exploring the interaction between “geek” subjects and the law are welcome, but emphasis on popular culture is always favoured. This year’s workshop will also have a special session which explores the topics of complexity, networks and regulation.

Send your abstract of no more than 500 words to, or by July 15th.