Happy 10th Birthday, Berkman

Good morning (despite body-clock confusion) from the Berkman Center’s 10th anniversary conference in Harvard Law School, Cambridge, Massachusetts. You can read all about the conference here. Watch the webcast, join us in Second Life or add questions here. If you’re into following things in single-sentence bursts, the Twitter feed is here.

Dean of Harvard Law School Elena Kagen welcomed everyone to the conference, looking forward to the next ten years, reflecting on the ‘remarkable’ journey thus far, and paying tribute to Myles Berkman, Charlie Nesson and Jonathan Zittrain for their vision in founding the Center. She also announced (for the first time) that the Center would now be the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University (rather than the Law School), noting that this would make the Center one of a few truly interdisciplinary centres at the university.

Director of the Center, Terry Fisher, reviewed some of the teaching and research achievements thus far, and speaking about the various members of faculty that had passed through its doors. He specifically mentioned Jonathan Zittrain and the competition between universities to hold on to him, and asked for help with this project; Charlie Nesson rose to his feet and led a chant of ‘We Want Zittrain’ for a moment.

Then, he turned to the announcement made by the Dean just a few minutes earlier, and wondered : where do we go from here? He explained how the different types of session and methods for interaction would contribute to answering this question.

Next up : Charles Nesson, Jonathan Zittrain.


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