So, recently things have been quiet here. Perhaps it’s balancing the flurry of posts during the BILETA conference in March! I’ll try to keep things a bit more regular for the next few weeks anyway.

The teaching year has come to an end (although exams lie ahead, and they look an awful lot different from this side of the table – it’s still an unusual feeling), and the weather has started to improve (a little). I’ve been involved in two fascinating side projects (well, fascinating to me) this month, which I’ll not bore you the details of. The first was participating (as an advisor to one of the objectors) in the oral hearing held by the Environmental Protection Agency (the Irish one) regarding a “waste-to-energy facility”/”mass-burn incinerator” (depends on who you ask) proposed for the Poolbeg peninsula just a couple of miles east of where I’m sitting. And the second was serving (as a representative of ‘learner interests’) on a panel appointed by the Higher Education Authority to review the Irish Universities Quality Board. Neither hearing nor review panel will report for some time but I’ll be keeping my eyes open; information on the review is available here.