Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) is carrying out a review of public service broadcasting. In connection with the review, they have taken the wrapping off a blog, the Ofcom PSB Review Blog, which is an interesting way to add some spice to the familiar ‘public consultation’ ballet. Just a few posts so far, although they even used SlideShare to embed a presentation, which is a nice touch. I’m involved in a review process at Trinity College (the Statutes Review Working Party), and although the webpages are on the local page (meaning I can’t link to them), we’ve been trying to do something similar with that consultation, putting relatively informal updates on a blog. We haven’t been bombarded with comments, one might say, but it’s a useful way to engage with a different part of the audience. The (still unpublished) Broadcasting Bill in Ireland was the subject of an e-consultation which had similar objectives.

Another particularly helpful element that Ofcom and others are including in their consultations is a feed for the blog, of course (it comes by default in virtually all blogging software). Indeed, if you are a consultation-junkie, you should look at the beta service from TellThemWhatYouThink – they have a feed of all UK government and agency consultations which is pretty cool.