Ofcom (the UK communications regulator) is carrying out a review of public service broadcasting. In connection with the review, they have taken the wrapping off a blog, the Ofcom PSB Review Blog, which is an interesting way to add some spice to the familiar ‘public consultation’ ballet. Just a few posts so far, although they even used SlideShare to embed a presentation, which is a nice touch. I’m involved in a review process at Trinity College (the Statutes Review Working Party), and although the webpages are on the local page (meaning I can’t link to them), we’ve been trying to do something similar with that consultation, putting relatively informal updates on a blog. We haven’t been bombarded with comments, one might say, but it’s a useful way to engage with a different part of the audience. The (still unpublished) Broadcasting Bill in Ireland was the subject of an e-consultation which had similar objectives.

Another particularly helpful element that Ofcom and others are including in their consultations is a feed for the blog, of course (it comes by default in virtually all blogging software). Indeed, if you are a consultation-junkie, you should look at the beta service from TellThemWhatYouThink – they have a feed of all UK government and agency consultations which is pretty cool.


One thought on “Ofblog

  1. Yes, but Ofcom isn’t all good – according to the Guardian it has recently told the BBC that it should have toned down the language of some of the celebrities who appeared on the Live Earth concert broadcast last summer. Shades of FCC v Fox which you have already trailed here.

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