Now tell me search engines and databases are bland neutral tools and the Internet means censorship is impossible?

U.S. Funded Health Search Engine Blocks ‘Abortion’ (Wired)

Popline makes abortion a dirty word (The Galloping Beaver)

American Library Association Office for Intellectual Freedom

When I see this sort story, some people tell me that it’s proof that the system works and that censorship is impossible and the fuss proves it. I disagree. When we find out that a doctor has done something wrong, we don’t say ‘oh, great, at least we know’ – we ask serious questions about judgement and systems and training and funding and more. Well, at least we try to in the bizarre Irish health system. In this case, just as in the Verizon fuss-that-wasn’t-a-fuss (coincidentally abortion-related too!), the quick withdrawal/policy change/climbdown doesn’t reassure me – it scares me and makes me wonder how often this happens, especially given the accidental discovery of the fake-search-function on Popline.