Some of you may have come across Google’s malware warning (Warning: this site may damage your computer). It’s explained here and here.

I was interested to see that they have identified the site of Irish State agency Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Sea Fisheries Board) as such ( see the image below. I’ve let BIM know about this and hopefully it’s nothing serious. Interesting to see Google’s approach in action, though.

I mentioned this before in a rambling post here. It’s great to link to Ethan Zuckerman so I’ll do it again as I did in that post: read this (still) great post. The related questions of defamation and search engine immunity are both fascinating.

Looking at the code of, nothing jumps out at me as (sorry) fishy – though perhaps the techies out there might want to look too and see if they spot anything unusual? Wisdom of the crowds and all that 😉