Subject to signal strength and my ability to type on minature keys, I’ll be blogging live from the Irish Blog Awards in this post. I’m seated near to the front and listening to the warm up music as the room fills up. It’s my first time at the awards. Seriously, where did all these people come from?

8.20 and we’re off!

Champagne and DVD for each category winner…

8.30 the first winner, bizzarely, awarded by Rick O’Shea to himself, pop culture. Well deserved though. And Shane Hegarty best blog by a journalist. Can’t do links right now, but will do so later.

Food and drink: Italian Foodies (alas not here).

Crafts: A Simple Yarn. Again not here. Rick threatens to raffle the trophy!

Arts: Sinead Gleeson. Who is here. Winning for the third time.

Political: Irish Election. Accepted by Suzy Byrne for Cian.

Group: who are sitting right at the back of the room

Irish language: Gael gan naire. Conn from edgecast gives a lovely speech about blogging as gaeilge…

I should mention that George W Bush is announcing each category.

Technology: Robin Blantford. Accepted by his mother.

Raffle time! I had 81 orange. 81 white and 81 yellow both won. Not my night…

Best designed: Sabrina Dent.