Macworld reports that the most recent iPhone software update includes code for an Irish network (it is, of course, O2). Does this mean that an announcement is imminent? (Hat tip, Colm, offblog).

Ramble ahead (skip if you’re just here for the happy geeky news): I have an iPod Touch that I got at Christmas (it’s great, I love it, although I don’t use its wifi functionality all that much as the academic network I use most of the time doesn’t – as of yet – support it); I used to have a mobile phone with O2, had once since 2000 when I sold phones (and other things) in an electronics store in Bray, finally gave in last summer and defected to 3, which is working out alright so far. Will O2 win me back with the promise of an iPhone, if I’m living in Ireland when it eventually arrives? Is it right that I’d have to go to a particular network to get the treasured little device at all? Will Damien taunt us for being six months behind the curve? Time – and Steve Jobs – will tell.