SCL, Congressman Lessig

Many thanks to Laurence Eastham at the Society for Computers and Law (SCL) in the UK for listing Lex Ferenda in his article on blogs (or blawgs) for IT lawyers. He says that if you read this blog, “you won’t be bored”. Not sure how true that is – sometimes I send myself to sleep – but nice to see that it’s appreciated, anyway! He also lists the wonderful blogs of Lilian Edwards and Andres Guadamuz (frequently cited in these pages) and also Laurence Kaye, Naked Law, IMPACT and those dastardly cool kittens at IPKat. A nice mix of practitioner and academic approaches. Go subscribing!

The SCL plays host to Lawrence Lessig this April 30th in London. He’s going to give a talk summarised here on ‘Corruption 2.0: the next problem technology must solve‘. Lessig, as many readers will recall, announced last year that he was shifting his research interests from cyberlaw/copyright/commons to corruption. Another C, though, might be Congress? John Palfrey at Harvard Law School launched a Facebook group (I was the second member of the group after its founder) and an accompanying website, The group now has over 2000 members…

While who runs for Congress in California is in most ways their own business (the possible candidacy relates to a special election to replace the late Tom Lantos, whose name is too similar to Matt Santos for my frazzled brain at times), it’s a very interesting idea and I’m watching it with great interest. Back in July, while at the Berkman Center, I organised a fun discussion (blogged about here) under the title of ‘The Legacy Of Lessig’, and we talked about politics and influence a good deal there – but I don’t recall us predicting this at all. Watch this space.


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