So, the new Science Gallery (based on the Trinity College campus where I live and work) is now open. Its first festival/series of events is Lightwave, and the campus is all aglow with various tie-in lights (including the projected signage pictured, right; this one is the wall of the Koralek-designed 1960s Berkeley Library where the law library is located). We’ll pass over the impact of all the generators during Campus Green Week and hope that they run on recycled chip fat or something…

The Gallery itself is small in size, but big in ambition and scope. For example, this week’s festival includes a whole range of talks, walks, events and demos; most are related to light (you’ve just missed some stuff on rock concert visuals, would love to have seen that) but there’s more to come, and other things too in the general science-and-society vibe that is in my view one of the most important areas that the Gallery must work in. In that regard, I’m looking forward to this talk (tickets necessary, €5) on Thursday night, if I can make it :

What are the factors and conditions that contribute to innovation? How are important problems found and solved? How can insights from the arts, science and creative industries be leveraged by business to develop an innovation environment? The Science Gallery presents a unique opportunity to discuss the next generation of idea-environments with David Edwards, founder of Paris’s Le Laboratoire and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University, Colm Long, Director of EMEA Online Sales & Operations at Google and leading Irish American venture capitalist Terry Maguire and facilitated by Irish Times technology columnist, Karlin Lillington. The talk coincides with the launch of David Edwards’ new book ‘ArtScience: Creativity and the post-Google Generation’ (Harvard University Press 2008). The talk will be followed by a book signing. (taken from a bit of the website that I can’t deeplink to, and link to book added by me)

Another outpost of Lightwave is further down the river at Grand Canal Dock (home to the Martha Schwartz-designed square at the original dock*, soon to be home to a theatre designed by Daniel Liebeskind and much more besides). The Schwartz square itself has a strong light theme (including bright red poles sticking up into the sky) and added to the mix for the week is The Hive (KMA), a sound and light installation (using a lot of Philip Glass or something that sounds like him!) that is pictured (cameraphone, with tweaking), left. It involved projection of beams on the ground and a lot of hyperactive children and a sensor…

Anyway, check it all out at and around Dublin 2 all this week.

PS First attempt at this post vanished. Anyone else having trouble with Safari of late? Keeps crashing for no particular reason.

PPS Then I couldn’t get into the blog to post the second version. Conspiracy, I tell you.

* which itself was the location for the legendary video for Gloria by U2, one of the first U2 singles videos, when the area looked very different to how it does today. Definitely scope for some sort of music-on-a-barge project to mark it…


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