The Donut, by Steve PenfoldReviewed in today’s Globe and Mail is a book by University of Toronto history professor Steve Penfold, published by University of Toronto Press: The Donut: A Canadian History. (For anyone who happens to be knocking around Toronto, there’s a talk being given by the author (with free donuts included) on Monday.

Penfold, of course, is well-known in Canadiana, not least as the author of a PhD on donut shops (given an Ig Nobel award in 1999 for said research; actually I’ve always thought that that was a little unfair, as it’s probably on the more relevant and interesting wing of 21st century sociology PhDs…). Looking forward to reading this.

On a related note, Facebook types may wish to give virtual donuts and coffee to their (virtual) friends with this application. We Love Tim Hortons.