The first Blawg Review (what’s a Blawg Review? See here) of 2008 has been posted, and it’s a good one. Charon QC (the legendary British law blogger) is at the plate for Number 141, and you can read the full, lengthy and amusing review over here. For what might have been a quiet time of year, he has pulled together a very wide range of posts and blogs (including an honourable mention for Cearta), and weaved them together in a very engaging way. Go read it – and add some new blogs to your favourites/feeds as a result!

It’s too late for the determined (self-awarded) QC to be considered for Blawg Review of the Year. The format for the award is that each of the reviewers that stepped up in 2007 nominate their favourite(s), and the results are brought to Iowa for people to jump around a room and then award random unrelated numbers of delegates to. Or something. Anyway, I’m chuffed that both Freedom to Differ and Nearly Legal nominated my review (number 128), and will get around to my own nominations this week (I hope).