SCRIPT-ed is the (newly re-subtitled) journal of law, technology and society edited at the AHRC Research Centre for Studies in Intellectual Property and Technology Law in Edinburgh. The final issue of 2007 has just been published on the Web – contents here.

Of particular importance is Chris Marsden’s article (PDF. DOC, HTML) on net neutrality (Net Neutrality and Consumer Access to Content), which includes a particular focus on the UK and European elements of neutrality. Those following the topic will know that Marsden is one of the handful of people that understand both the US-centric debate as it is and the more global perspective as it should be; the article, an overview and also a critique, will be an important reference, citation and starting point for a lot of work in the coming months, including my own.

Of less particular importance but it’s my party and I’ll self-promote if I want to, this issue also contains my review (PDF, DOC, HTML) of the New Directions in Copyright Law books. Complete with a Stephen Leacock reference. Thumbs up to the editors for not taking it out…

Of artistic importance is the lovely cover inspired in part by grey Scottish skies (surely not?).

All this, of course, is in the context of a very interesting editorial by Shawn Harmon and Wiebke Abel, where they set out a manifesto for the future development of the journal, including a new publishing schedule and additional locations of publication, updated Creative Commons licensing, an expanded mandate, a shiny website, and more. They also flag the upcoming conference (coming up, that is, in 2009!)


An International Interdisciplinary Conference
March 29-31, 2009
University of Edinburgh

More information here. Be there – whatever the colour of the skies!