Read Responsibly

If I ever see this project (inserting ads on the first page of books borrowed from a public library), I will be faced with a hard choice. Will I deface them or just rip them out?

This sort of stuff makes me fear for the future of libraries. What’s next?


One thought on “Read Responsibly

  1. This reminds me of google books, just offline! You get the book for free, and the ad pays for the service. And as with google ads, the inserts are annoying too! Of course, there are lots of differences between Google as a company and the library as a public service. So, I’m not defending this development – in fact, I think it’s indefensible. However, there is a structural similarity between the two situations, and one with a potentially rather insidious consequence: the offline echoes of something which is ubiquitous online might make this library development socially acceptable to those who don’t have a visceral connection to the ideal of a library.

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