…is an anagram, says Twenty Major (over here), of Ace Internet Marketing. I couldn’t possibly comment.

I’m sorry for the delay in approving some of your comments. See, some clever kid has decided to to flood Lex Ferenda (and in particular the thread about Ace) with spam. After some response to a post of mine, they proceeded to attack the post and the site as a whole. As I hold all first-time comments for moderation, marking them for deletion took some time, and I’m very sorry if I deleted any *real* comments in the meantime.

In the meantime, I’ve received another love letter from Ace. Now, as you recall, someone purporting to speak for them (although later claiming not to be a principal) has threatened to sue me about this post. The recent missive contains a bizarre and probably unenforceable beefed-up disclaimer. In particular, I am asked not to “peruse, use, disseminate, distribute or copy” the message. (How am I supposed to read it then???)

I do not have a contract with the sender, of course, and it is a virtually worthless disclaimer. I see no grounds for an expectation of confidentiality in its contents, and indeed this is an unsolicited message with someone I have no business or private relationship with. However, recognising that this mail (as distinct from previous ones) does contain a statement that “this email is private” I will simply summarise its contents here.

A further request is made for removal of the original post (I will not comply with this request and I have responded accordingly). It is suggested that it is time to “nip this in the bud” as I have not taken their warnings. (An unusual statement that Ace Internet Marketing is not a company is also included, which would seem to be confusing).

The email also includes a question as to my motives here. I have none. I write about Internet law. Damien’s blog highlighted an interesting question of apparent disregard for IP laws. While not agreeing with all IP law (of course), I wrote about the apparent violation of copyright law. Of course, the original post has now disappeared. Admission of wrongdoing perhaps?

The footer, containing the supposed disclaimer (it has changed in every mail!), says that if I receive the message in error, I should contact legal@techstore.ie. I wonder if techstore.ie are aware of the threats.

Thanks to all the people who added comments to the original post about the libel threat and in particular those who made fun of the unusually badly spelled and punctuated threat of legal action. You may also enjoy an exchange in the comments on Damien’s blog – an anonymous person of dubious origin is criticising Damien’s reaction to the unauthorised copying of his content. I wonder who it is….