Torontoist has a fun post about the two sides of the Toronto Star competing for the affections of the reader – an industry-sponsored ad supplement on how counterfeiting is evil, and a fashion page article on how to buy ‘good fakes’. Heh heh.

Nothing like the confusion suffered by someone in the poor Sunday Tribune here in Dublin, though; the following notice appeared (in an out-of-the-way side location) in Sunday’s print edition:

Correction: London Review of Books, Anne Enright

WE published “Diary” by Anne Enright in the Sunday Tribune ed. of 21 October 2007 without permission of the London Review of Books, Anne Enright or her agent. We accept that the author did not wish the piece to be republished. We apologise to Anne Enright, her agent and the LRB for this error and breach of copyright.

Ouch. They did, in fact, publish the entire essay. I’m sure there’s some context to this but to publish a lengthy self-contained full article without permission from author, publisher or agent seems a little detached from reality…