Look at this, Damien writes a post and a company by the name of Ace Internet Marketing copies the full article and posts it on its blog (with no context/discussion/transformative use/anything, not even a proper link to where it came from!). In fact, their entire blog appears to be made up of scraped content. And as we know, even those who agree with wide fair use laws, commons-based approaches and so on know that scraping other content and shoving it on your commercial site is quite stupid.

I was going to add a comment to the post wondering why this was, but it seems that they have disabled comments. On the so-called ‘blog’. Well, that’s a shame.

Unfortunately, they didn’t disable trackbacks. So if for example, I was to say something like Ace Marketing are engaged in disreputable business practice through copying other content and seeking to profit from it (with the appropriate link), that might appear on the site.

It would be a real shame if anyone else had this idea, wouldn’t it?