The Joy Of Gik

Last Wednesday’s GikII 2 workshop, sponsored by the AHRC Centre for IT & IP Law up in Edinburgh but held (thanks to Ian Brown: site | blog) at UCL and co-chaired by the inimitable Technollama and Pangloss (or Andres Guadamuz and Lilian Edwards, in the real world), was an awful lot of fun.

I’d like to get around to a proper report, but for now, here are the slides from my presentation, “Im in ur tube blocking ur internets: The Politics, Perception and Parody of Network Neutrality Legislation”. There were many excellent presentations and I look forward to plugging them in the next few days…

Colour version at AHRC site
Greyscale version hosted here
Nice comments 1 (the llama)
Nice comments 2 (Fernando)
Nice comments 3 (Lilian)


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