A very interesting morning here in Exchange Square, on the east side of central London (more on that later) – but a few miles (if even that) to the west, of course, the UK iPhone launch is taking place. I’ve been too absorbed in note-taking etc to watch much of the blow-by-blow coverage, but this – posted-all-at-once – version is great.

Very surprised at no 3G – everyone was saying that was going to be the key – but pleasantly surprised at the deal with The Cloud (using Cloud wifi hotspots, common in urban areas, will be included in the unlimited data plan, i.e. all the tariffs). But, we don’t have a similar service in Ireland, and the story of the last few months here is how a 3G modem will kill overpriced hotspots around the country (and maybe even have an impact on the home broadband market).

(By the way, I was on a GNER train again last week – wifi in all carriages. Irish Rail, what are you waiting for?)

UK price: £269, monthly plans from £35.

No word, at least so far, on Irish rollout. Over to you, readers-who-aren’t-multitasking-unsuccessfully-like-me. Do we like this?