Com com com com com: Comreg Sits On Eircom

On August 30th, Eircom announced its intention to launch a new Capacity Based Bitstream product for its wholesale customers. Eircom stated that it would commence taking orders for this product on September the 24th.

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) directed Eircom, on Friday 14th September, not to launch this product and to refrain from taking and processing orders for this product, until such a time as Eircom demonstrates, to ComReg’s satisfaction, that it (Eircom) is fully compliant with all of its regulatory obligations, including those arising from Eircom’s dominance of the Wholesale Broadband Access market.

That’s the entire statement, by the way. Ouch. Here’s the product.

What’s going on here?


2 thoughts on “Com com com com com: Comreg Sits On Eircom

  1. Yeah I’d guess its because this type of offering would more or less seal the coffin that is LLU. Additionally I expect ComReg don’t have enough data on the offering. Tom.

  2. – Capacity Based charging models:

    Pay according to the capacity of circuit required regardless of usage, e.g. 100Mbps, STM1, 1000Mbps etc.

    Comments for debate:

    » simple & cost effective to implement, but does not necessarily reflect costs incurred by either party in handling traffic

    » therefore, may not give efficient investment and/or usage signals (i.e. all-you-can-eat pricing encourages you to eat too much…)

    » same as a usage charge if the bandwidth increments between different circuits are small enough

    » So, can also have same investment/usage signalling properties as usage based charging if these increments are small enough

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