This came too late for last week’s presentation: via the Center for Media Research (here) via David Weinberger’s blog, results from Deloitte’s big survey, ‘State of the Media Democracy‘ (an awkward title). Try the PDF summary here – anyone got a copy of the raw data or do I have to sell a kidney for it?

40 percent of all survey respondents are making their own entertainment (editing movies, music and photos); 25 percent of Matures (61-75); 56 percent of all Millennials (18-24)
More than one in 10 Millennials are actively uploading their own videos on the Internet
51 percent of all survey respondents are watching/reading content created by others: 71 percent of Millennials, 56 percent of Xers; Boomers/Mature participation is less, but noteworthy

Now, sharing is caring, so here’s a list of the review and data sources I used in recent writing (well, for a particular element of it), it became a footnote in the SLS paper but it’s a fun list – may be helpful if not comprehensive

Results and analysis of the Web 2.0 services survey undertaken by the SPIRE project’ (11 June 2007)
W Dutton and E Helsper, The Internet In Britain 2007
Edison Media Research, ‘The Podcast Audience Revealed’ (19 March 2007),
UNESCO, New Media: The Press Freedom Dimension (February
OECD, ‘Participative Web: User-Created Content’ (DSTI/ICCP/IE(2006)7, 12 April
H Green & C Gannon, ‘Their Space: Education for a Digital Generation

Rachel Cobcroft kindly reminds me to dive into Hitwise statistics in more detail, too…