The UK Centre for Legal Education (UKCLE) has reminded interested academics and others of the October closing date for submissions to next January’s “Learning In Law” conference. An interesting event, for sure – I couldn’t attend last year’s, but might yet make it to this year’s shindig, taking place in Warwick just after the New Year. There’s an early-bird rate and a 50% discount for students.

The obligatory clever title is: (Dis)integration…designs on the law curriculum

This comment (from the above-linked page), catching my technological as well as political eye, is also interesting:

A sustainable conference – reducing environmental impact
In response to comments from the 2007 conference, UKCLE is working to make this a paper free event. We are not intending to have bags or packs. On the day, delegates will be provided with a memory stick containing the programme, abstracts and biographies. The programme and abstracts will also be available on the UKCLE website in advance of the event and will be on display at the venue, with the delegates list.

We hope you will support us in this objective.

No doubt the responses will range from What’s a memory stick to can they recycle the hot air for heating to cheapskates!, but I do think this is a good idea (and I hope that they could get rid of the unnecessary memory stick in a few years)…